The Forgettery

Illustrated by Laura Hughes

The Forgettery is a story about remembering and treasuring our strongest and most precious memories and making new ones together.

In an incredible adventure, Amelia and her Granny find themselves inside the magical world of The Forgettery, where they find everything they have ever forgotten. Amelia helps her Granny find her most treasured memories and they make more along the way.

"The World Health Organisation puts the number of people who have dementia at nearly 50 million worldwide so opening up conversations about this challenging topic has never been more important. The Forgettery can be enjoyed as an adventure story where a grandmother and granddaughter explore a fantastical world where memories can be rediscovered as well as newly made.”

Melissa Fairley, Publisher Director, Farshore


The Guardian
"In The Forgettery by Rachel Ip and Laura Hughes, Amelia’s granny forgets things, big and little – but everything ever forgotten is stored in the Forgettery. A tender, humorous look at the idea of dementia for very young children, it boasts some of the poignant sweetness of Julia Donaldson’s The Paper Dolls."

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The Forgettery gently explores themes of memory loss and dementia.

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