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The Wild Outside

Illustrated by Katie Hickey
Hodder Children's Books

Tulip loves being outside. She loves puddles and pinecones, flowers and feathers, and her pockets are full of nature's treasure.

"What is this fruit... this plant... this seed?"
"What is this tree... this leaf... this reed?"

When Tulip finds a hand written nature trail outside her house, she is delighted to discover the names and uses of all her favourite trees, plants, and flowers. Then one day, she comes home to find a carefully wrapped present waiting on her doorstep ... A book of nature from around the world.

Every day, Tulip learns more and more about nature, but who is creating the nature trail?

With names and facts given for every tree, plant and flower Tulip discovers, this beautifully illustrated book encourages children to stop, notice, name and celebrate the nature that can be found in their surroundings - and beyond. Because just outside your own front door, there is a whole world of nature to explore.

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