The Forgettery

Illustrated by Laura Hughes

Farshore, March 2021

The Forgettery gently explores themes of memory loss and dementia.

Storytelling and craft activities

Find out more about the inspiration behind story and see Laura's time-lapse drawing of Amelia!

  • see behind the scenes sketches

  • make a memory butterfly, just like the beautiful memory butterflies in the story

  • make a memory box!

Making a memory jar:

Memory Making Advice letter

Brain facts and brain games

Alzheimer's Research has lots of resources on their website to help explain dementia and Alzheimer's to children and young people.

It also has fun activities and brain games:

The Forgettery


The Last Garden

Illustrated by Anneli Bray

Hodder Children's Books, October 2020

Introduce children to the topics of migration, war and the power of nature and gardens throughout history in a gentle, hopeful way with The Last Garden. These resources are designed to guide you through the picture book, with suggested questions, classroom activities and additional resources on the key topics.

This video talks about the work of the Royal Horticultural Society and the Lemon Tree Trust. A hundred years on from providing seeds to WWI prisoners of war, the Lemon Tree Trust worked with the RHS to supply seeds to Syrian refugees in Domiz camp, Kurdistan region of Iraq:

War Gardeners: A 100 year history of supporting POWs and refugees through seeds