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Write it down

Before I started writing, I read so many articles and books about writing. I bought my first Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook in 2006.

In one of those many articles, I read this quotation from Jeanette Winterson:

“… if it isn't on the page it doesn't exist. The connection between your mind and the reader's mind is language. Reading is not telepathy.”

So finally, after reading hundreds of picture books to my girls, I started writing.

I love the picture book format for its incredible versatility. You never know what you will find in those 32 pages. Authors and illustrators bring such humour and sensitivity to the page.

Picture books can delight and surprise you, they can make you laugh, and make you wonder. They warm hearts and capture imaginations. They're a moment shared, a memory made.

For the first time, one of my stories is being published. I'm lucky to have found a brilliant agent (Clare Wallace, at Darley Anderson Children's Agency), who found a perfect home for my story. I've seen the gorgeous pencil sketches from the illustrator (it's her first picture book too!) We can’t wait to share it.

But not yet...


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